Thursday, 8 January 2009

Long live the Queen.

A teaching assistant in a few of my lessons overheard a conversation in one of my year nine classes this week.

It seems the lads were having some form of political discussion...

"Who's the Prime Minister then?"

"erm....George best?"

"George Best!!!
It's Gordon Brown you donut!
Who's the mayor of London then Freddie bleedin' Mercury!?"


James said...

My friend Mike was at Ankhor Wat the other day. He was standing near half a dozen lads from Middlesborough or somewhere in the environs. One of them said, "Right, get a picture of us all."

The boy taking the photo said, "Move round so's I can get the temple in the picture."

The first one replied, "Fuck off, David Bellamy!"

Kotdb said...


I love this. Not only did he get the photographers name wrong but the original notion that trying to get the temple in picture was somehow being a bit lah dee dah with the camera.

Otherwise its just ANOTHER picture of you guys together and it could be anywhere!