Sunday, 6 December 2009

Cover this

Our school has an online tracking system for behaviour issues and rewards for good students. It's meant to make our life easier but it becomes a tool to check up on what teachers are doing and generally adds about three hours of work a week onto your schedule. That's another story though.

Pupils have their own "rap sheet" which shows up all teachers comments and any sanctions that they have been given during the year. Rap sheets can be extremely long for some kids and it is often very useful to see that the student you are having trouble with is basically causing hell throughout the whole school. Some amusing entries can be found there and let's face it that's what this blog is all about so here's a note from a cover teacher having trouble:

"I was covering Product design in xx, Steven was silly by making fun of me i wasn't actually sure what he was saying but he did apologise and said he was joking i ignored it then he called me Tomato head in front of the class and everyone else was laughing and he was too, he didn't show regret and didn't apologise for his actions."

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