Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Stupid amounts of time has passed since I wrote anything on this blog.

Obscene amounts of things have happened.

I am now a head of department.

My department moved into temporary buildings for a year and are now back in to proper classrooms and new facilities.

I am also now a dad.

All of these things mean that writing anything in my spare time has become a challenge.

I don't have any spare time.

Why am I writing with this annoying spacing of lines? Who knows. I'll stop now. So how to sum up the experience of being a head of department in a secondary school. Well it's a dreadful, dreadful thing. The role of the so called middle leader, as far as I can see it, is to cram two full time jobs into one and spend your time adding things to your to-do list. A list that, even if I work an eleven/twelve hour day (most days), I find has grown in size rather than shrunk. Every single day.

It's mostly meetings and bullshit passed down from up on high by those who no longer teach much at all but need to be seen to be coming up with new initiatives to justify their fat pay cheques. I'm not going to whine about it any more though. That's yer lot.

The truth of the matter is that I actually really love it. I love being head of department and I love being a teacher. I just don't like having to do both at once.

I'm stretched so thin you can see through me. I may tear. Watch this space.


Vanniebee said...

I bet you get just a few more hours non contact time to got in all the extra stuff too...and a while heap of data to crunch as well. You must be crazy. Or devoted. Or both... Cravoted...or devrazy if you like

Kotdb said...

I get one hour less contact time per week.

I think I'm devrazy.