Sunday, 5 October 2008

Music notes

To date I have played only a few things to my classes.

Kruder and Dorfmeister DJ Kicks and K&D sessions both went down pretty well. Although there were a few dissenting voices.

Appleblims resident advisor mix of techno/Dubstep went down really well with a year 10 Product design class although one boy John couldn't stand it. He wanted singing. I think he is also into Opera so I'm not sure I can really cater for him. Frankie asked what type of music it was and when she was told it was Dubstep said she had never heard of it.

DJ Vadim went down better with John but a few didn't know what type of music it was. "erm...Hip Hop?" was my answer.


More experimenting to follow.

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The Tramp said...

You need to speak to Gerard next time you're in Glasvegas. He plays obscure funk records to his P2 class with some apparently amazing reactions. I'll find out what the hits are and maybe you could try them out on the older generation?

I'm pretty sure that high school kids won't break out into crazed dancing quite as readily...