Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Safety second

I'm struggling to find the humour in it all this week. Half term can't come quickly enough. This is the longest term of the whole year and I can really feel that it's just gone on too long. I'm running on empty.

So amusing moments have been few and far between this week. However a year eight of mine really cracked me up/almost made me weep yesterday in the workshop.

They were making a flexible product from MDF. Its a great project and I enjoy teaching it. The students get to use a Hegner saw (pictured) to cut out their work and a Bandfacer to sand it down. They cannot use the machine if they do not have Safety goggles on however and I noticed a girl doing just that in my class.

So I stopped the machine and told her to put on her goggles. She looked at me blankly and asked:

"What are they sir?".
Now bearing in mind that I have told them what these things are about fifty times in these first few weeks I took a deep breath and said sweetly:

"Safety goggles. To protect your eyes."

Blank look.

"Those things on that table over there" I said pointing.

"Oh right" she said and proceeded to walk over to the table and pick up a cardboard box.


the svelte one said...

Heh heh, brilliant.

Or very very sad...

Kotdb said...

Aye amusing but frightening at the same time.