Sunday, 29 January 2012


I'm going to fire off a few random answers that kids have given me of late. Every day there are loads of things like this but it's only when I get a second to write them down at the end of a lesson that they stay in my mind. So much happens over the course of a day.


Students in year seven are creating a moodboard based on their own identities. Stuff they like to do and are interested in. It's nice to get to know them a bit although it can be a bit depressing when you find out.

We discuss the idea of identity and what makes us who we are and some things that they might like to have in their moodboards. Most kids love the exercise and fill their page up with their favourite sports or music or food. Nando's incidentally is a firm favourite.

Some boys, who remember are 11 years old, tell me that they are into "guns, money and girls".

Some say they don't like anything. I have to really coax things out of them. One boy claimed that he genuinely didn't like anything. No types of food, no music, no-one in his family or anything. The only thing he liked was water.

Turns out he is bang into swimming and that's all he likes. It's interesting that he would come at his passion for one thing by saying that doesn't like anything else at all.

One boy said the only things he liked were football, the Xbox, his family and smelling nice.


Q: What might you find in a kitchen?

A: Your wife


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