Monday, 23 January 2012

Who's counting?

I take strange satisfaction in the fact that I now wear a classic blue techie teacher jacket while I'm teaching practical lessons. I wear quite smart clothes to work in general; shirt (no tie), trousers and brogues so I quite like to don the jacket and get stuck in when there is work to be done. I wear it around school with the collar turned up. I don't think I would have done that a few years ago. It's one part pride in what I teach and one part confidence in maturity (or "I don't give a shit what you think") .

Anyway it has deep pockets and as I am going through the day inevitably things accumulate in them. It's chaotic helping kids make shit. Things just slide their way in there and I'm never really sure how it happens. 

Sometimes I go to put a pencil behind my ear and there is already one there. 

In afternoon registration I play a game with one of my year 11 form class. She has to guess how many items are in my pockets. It's often quite a surprising number. I was inspired to take a couple of snaps on a couple of good days just before Christmas.

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