Monday, 17 May 2010

Flexible friend

We have a project for the year eights called the flexible toy project. It's pretty cool. In fact i think I have written a previous post about it. Oh yes I did. I posted a pic of a poo ages ago.

Anyway the students have to come up with a range of ideas for their flexible toy. Something interesting that will look good as it flexes and wobbles. It used to be called the flexi-fish project but I always try to make them come up with other stuff other than loads of fish. It makes it harder to control, but it's more interesting for me and it makes them be more creative.

Fish, hearts, stars, sharks, snakes, pencils, hotdogs, knives, guns, rulers, names, dolphins, you name it we have had most things so far.

One boy in my current crop of year eights managed to come up with a new one though.

He showed me the drawing in his book but I couldn't really tell what it was and so I had to ask.

"It's a potato sir" he said.

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