Monday, 17 May 2010

On the banks of lake you name it

So I keep this blog anonymous and don't post correct student names and stuff. So I probably shouldn't post up some of the guff that they write but in this circumstance I feel I must. It's not very ethical really but hey ho.

This peach of an example of total cluelessness had me laughing and almost crying at the same time. It clearly reflects badly on me. Their teacher.

However I blame the tories.

So to set the scene the students are to design an emergency floodkit but they must come up with the target market for the product based on their own research and justify it. Universally poorly done by my class it really highlighted just how naive they are. Fair enough really. They are young and at school. I'm a smug old bastard who points and laughs from the Ivory Tower of 30 odd years of experience and a masters degree.

Again I blame the tories for my poor behaviour.

So here it is in full.

"Target market:
The type of customer I have chosen is someone, who thinks there money will get them out of the situation they are in, but when it comes down to an emergency they cannot do anything about it, because they do not have any gear, for a arguments sake the kit will be aimed at someone who is in a scenario where they have no food and they are at shore, lake you name it. Most places in China are surrounded by water."

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