Monday, 17 May 2010


Bloody hell. My last post was at Christmas!

Times flies when you

...what's the opposite of fun?

I admit it. I have been very remiss when it comes to this blog.

Occasionally I have found something that would kind of twitch the corner of my mouth into something nearing a grin. A sort of pseudo grin. But not enough to make me type anything. Instead I have some e-mails that I have sent to myself as reminders of incidents for me to type up later. One word e-mails that say helpful things like "potato".

Great. Thanks for that "Me in the past". Good effort.

Let me explain my lack of writing.

The first few months of the year are hell for a teacher in this country. I mean it's hell being in this country in winter anyway, but at school the light at the end of the tunnel hasn't even got out of it's bed yet or thought about getting down to the end of the tunnel.

Easter is the big turning point. After Easter it's light in the morning when you get up and light when you get home. The year elevens are nearing the end. You are super rested after a great holiday. You are strong. Ready to cruise to the finish line.

So here I am. I have just completed marking my year eleven coursework folders and last Saturday my year 10's too. The year elevens leave school next week. My timetable will shrink. It's sunny outside. Happy days.

Time to get writing again...

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the svelte one said...

Woo! Welcome back :)